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Rosewood Studio Newsletter February 2013


Canada's Top Woodworkers


 Canadian Home Workshop magazine has an article by Jay Somerset in the Winter 2013 issue entitled “Canada’s Top Woodworkers”. While it is an honour to be recognized in the group, any list like this is of course going to be somewhat arbitrary, and dependant upon the perspective of the writer. It means a lot to me though that of the seven furniture makers profiled, six of them have either been students, instructors or both here at Rosewood. I hope you will check out the article, which features work by Michael Fortune, Karen McBride, Robert van Norman, Hendrik Varju, Christopher Solar, Vic Tesolin and myself.



Six Weeks at Rosewood Studio

  If you have been thinking of taking one of our longer programs, you might be interested in Dave Bradley’s blog entries. Dave came to Rosewood last summer for our six week program, and unbeknownst to us at the time, blogged about his experiences here at the school.



          Studio Veneering with Adrian Ferrazzutti






   Coming up this spring we have a series of guest instructors joining us to share their expertise. Starting the week of March 4th to the 8th, Adrian Ferrazzutti returns to teach Studio Veneering. Students in this class will learn how to work with the huge selection of exquisite woods that are often available only in commercial veneer form. We start off making a square panel with a four-way book match, banding, inlay and solid edging, then progress to a circular panel (suitable perhaps for the top of the table we make in Curves and Bends?) featuring a radial or sunburst veneer match with crossbanding, inlay and solid edging. This class is an outstanding introduction to the use of veneer and the possibilities it opens up for your work. At the end of the week, you’ll leave with work that will make the folks at home say “Wow!”


Michael Fortune


Christopher Schwarz


   Build a Cool Table With Michael Fortune runs April 8th to 12th. This class offers a combination of design and technique development, with a small table as the vehicle as you work alongside one of the most respected and accomplished designer/makers working today. Regardless of your abilities as either a maker or designer, you’re sure to come away with improved skills after this week. Call Mary Anne to reserve a space in this class with one of the world’s best.

    We are delighted to have Christopher Schwarz joining us for the first time this spring. While his Anarchist’s Tool Chest class filled up in record time,  as of this writing we still have one space left in his weekend Build a Shaker Wall Cabinet class on April 20th and 21st. Give Mary Anne a call if you can make it for a weekend of hand tool intensive woodworking.


Garrett Hack                


Our last guest instructor this spring will be Garrett Hack, coming up from Thetford Center, Vermont the week of May 13th to 19th.  Though his weekend class has already filled, there is still space available in the five day Tables Without Reservations running the 13th to 17th. Once again, the subject of the class will be a small table with considerable scope for variations in design, with an instructor who is one of the most recognized furniture makers and authors working today. Garrett’s classes are always great fun, and his generosity and patience are legendary among students who have had the pleasure of meeting and working with him. We hope you will be able to join us.


Excellence with Hand Tools

   Excellence With Hand Tools continues to be our best selling one week class here at Rosewood, often booking up fully well in advance. To help satisfy the demand, we have just added another session running the week of June 3rd to the 7th, 2013. We will be attempting to contact everyone who called and was disappointed to find our spring classes fully booked, but if you didn’t leave us your number, or we miss calling you to check, we hope you will give us a call if this week will work for you.

Summer Excellence with Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery Discount

  This summer, in an attempt to lure people away from the cottage and the golf course and into a woodworking class, we are offering a specially priced two week course consisting of our Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery Classes. Combined, you might think of them as “The Basics of Fine Woodworking”. Running July 8th to 12th and 15th to 19th, we are bundling the two together this summer at a discount of 25%. Each course normally costs $790, or $1580 for the pair. At $1185 for both classes, we hope to entice you to call Mary Anne and register, regardless of how nice it may be outside this summer. (and yes, we do have air conditioning!).

Facebook and ... Twitter?

  On the social media front, not only do we continue to fill in our Facebook timeline with photos from the Rosewood archives, but I have gone a step beyond that. I have tweeted. There, I’ve said it. But seriously folks, can there possibly be a less manly sounding verb? I’m not sure how often I’ll have something that strikes me as worth relaying in 143 characters or less, but I hope to make it worth your while to “follow” us on Twitter.

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   As more and more people have asked to subscribe to our newsletter, it has come to our attention that more than a few of the notices we send out have been ending up in people’s spam filters. In an effort to eliminate the problem, you may notice this time around that we are using the services of Mailchimp to get our newsletter announcement out to you. Our last newsletter went out in October 2012 – as is the case with all of our past newsletters, you can still access them in our archive here. If you did not receive the newsletter notice last October, it would be great if you could drop  a line to let her know. Hopefully changing our mode of delivery will get the notices to more of the people who have expressed an interest in receiving our newsletter.
  Nick's New Bench   Alumni Websites
    Nick Moore pictured here hard at it with a jointer plane, surfacing his new Nicholson-style English workbench built from a design in Christopher Schwarz’s book Workbenches: From Design And Theory To Construction And Use. Nick will no doubt be delighted to have a left-handed bench after tolerating the right-handed one he has been using for the last five years. I’m a bit sad to announce that Nick is moving down the road to a shop where he can fire up machinery any time he wants, without having to worry if I’m trying to teach in the next room. It’s been great having you here Nick, and we wish you the best of luck in, and look forward to what comes out of your new shop.
    Six month program alumnus Peter Coolican continues to build some great pieces. He has posted pictures of his elliptically shaped table, with a cool “time lapse” flash video of the veneering process I hope you will also enjoy new websites by Karen McBride, Christopher Solar and Steve DerGarbedian. Thanks very much for sharing your work with us folks!



        On a final and very personal note, I’m delighted to congratulate my son Steven and his wife Jessica on the healthy arrival of their son Landon Eric Leigh Barter on February 4, 2013. A big name for such a little guy, but one that I know would have honoured and delighted my Dad as much as it does me.

  Wishing you all a great spring,

  Ron Barter





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