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Rosewood Studio Newsletter February 2012


     We started 2012 at Rosewood with a full house, with students joining us for between one and twelve weeks. Some commute from their homes each day, while others have found accommodations here in Perth for the duration of their course. Some are joining us for the first time, while others are returning to continue honing their skills and take on more advanced challenges. What they all have in common is a passion for the work they are doing here, which makes coming to work something I look forward to each day. I know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to say this.     
            Peter Coolican is with us for his second twelve week segment, and is making great progress on the chair he designed, and is ready to tackle the upholstery. Pete epitomizes the go-for-broke, take-no-prisoners approach to getting as much as he can out of his time here, and despite my council to the contrary, chose to tackle a chair as his first design/build project. His tenacity has paid off nicely. Well done Peter.     
            Early this year guest instructors Adrian Ferrazzutti, Michael Fortune and Garrett Hack will all be joining us, and while many of their programs have already filled, our two-day weekend Furniture Design with Garrett Hack class still has openings. We invite you to join Garrett as he shares various sources of inspiration, techniques for developing a design and the selection of materials for the effective use of color, contrast and figure in your work. Attendees are welcome to bring design ideas of their own to work on during the class with Garrett’s help. We hope you can join us in what promises to be an exciting weekend class with a modern master.
   Garrett at Rosewood         Garrett's "Wekiwa Shimmering"
    Other weekend workshops running this spring include our Hand Plane Intensive, Keen for Dovetails and Machinery Basics, all of which provide not just an excellent hands on introduction to each of their subjects, but also fulfill the prerequisite requirements for many of our other courses. These classes are running April 7-8, April 14-15 and April 21-22 respectively, and we still have space available in each of them. Call Mary Anne to reserve your bench if you can join us.
    This summer we will run a six week program starting in July for those who would like to spend a month and a half of their summer with an intensive, hands on course in building finely made solid wood furniture. The series runs from July 3 to August 17, and as always, you are welcome to sign up for the entire six weeks, or for individual weeks, as suits your circumstances.

 When you sign up for classes well in advance, it makes our jobs easier. As our way of saying thank you for doing so, we are pleased to announce our offer of an “early enrollment” gift of a Veritas hand plane when you book your 6 or 12 week program at least three months before it begins. Please see our six and twelve week program description for details.
       12 Week student Darrin bevels his table edge
   In our tool store we are holding a sale on sets of Two Cherries Chisels. These are a high
quality German made high-carbon steel chisel, hardened to Rc61. We have a limited quantity of sets of 4, 5 or 6 chisels on sale for $65, $79 and $95 respectively. We can ship these most places in Canada for under $15. Please give us a call toll free at 1-866-704-7778 if you are interested.
   Finally, 2012 marks a couple of anniversaries here at the school. It’s been ten years since Ted Brown opened Rosewood, running the first class in February of 2002. I started teaching at the school that summer. Fine furniture making and design is a never ending learning process, just one of the things that makes it endlessly fascinating to so many of us. Over the years I’ve continued to learn about the craft to be sure, but just as importantly, I’ve continued to learn about teaching furniture making. Watching what works best for other people keeps me constantly aware that folks learn in many different ways, and our task is often to figure out what will work best for each of them.

   This year will also mark my fifth year as owner of the school, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has allowed us the pleasure of coming to work each day. Without those of you who have joined us to further your skills and share your passion, Rosewood would not be possible.

 Thankfully yours,

 Ron Barter

February 23, 2012



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