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The Craftsmanship Series

         Our Craftsmanship Series was developed to provide flexibility and a logical approach to achieving an accomplished level of furniture making skills. Each workshop is designed to advance the student’s skills in a useful progression, expanding on the material covered in the previous workshops in the series. We strive to make the programs both achievable and challenging, maintaining enough flexibility for students of various skill levels.
   Our Craftsmanship series includes courses like Excellence With Hand Tools, Mastering Machinery,  Joinery For Furniture MakersBuild a Shaker NightstandDrawer Making and Fitting, Build a Small Cabinet, Studio Veneering Techniques, Bow Front Cabinet, and Curves and Bends.These are skills development workshops, frequently run consecutively so that students can take more than one workshop during a visit to Rosewood. Where possible, these courses have been developed to allow students to build a small piece of furniture as they learn, though the emphasis of the classes is in learning the presented skills, rather than completing a project.

  Our Twelve Week Craftsman Program is designed for those who can arrange a continuous period of intensive, hands-on study, whether they are considering a career in furniture making, or wish to pursue the craft for their personal satisfaction and development. They enjoy the advantage of an uninterrupted stretch of time in which to immerse themselves in their work, with a degree of continuity not available when individual courses of the series are separated by time. Because each student arrives at Rosewood with a unique skill set, throughout these longer programs we encourage the improvement of existing skills, while ensuring that challenges are paced appropriately for each individual.

  A Note Regarding Pre-requisites: The content of Excellence With Hand Tools and Mastering Machinery is fundamental to most of our week long programs. Students wishing to attend courses without the recommended pre-requisite classes may be permitted to do so, but with the understanding that they are assumed to already posses the knowledge and skills taught in those programs, and that the progress of the class cannot be altered to cover material from those courses. We’re sure you appreciate our position on this, and thank you for your understanding.


    Additional Courses

Nov 29/21
  Exquisite Boxes with Adrian Ferrazzutti

 During this 6 day course students will be exposed to a whirlwind of techniques involved in the building of a small decorative veneered box. The overall construction details will be the same for all students, with wood choices and dimensions being left up to the individual, though it is highly recommended that the dimensions not exceed 5”x10”x10”. Based on a style of box that Adrian Ferrazzutti has developed to be relatively simple to make, each student will learn exacting skills both at machines and the workbench. All this, and just in time for Christmas gift giving!


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         Please check back for updates as new courses are confirmed.