Rosewood Studio School of Fine Woodworking; Tools, Courses, Workshops and Instruction
  Welcome to Rosewood Studio, where we offer woodworkers flexible options for improving their skills under the guidance of accomplished professional furniture makers and designers. We strive to provide an atmosphere conducive to each student achieving their very best, in the company of others who share in the pleasure of improving their craftsmanship and creating work of lasting value. Our courses let you tailor your training to accommodate other commitments, with opportunities to advance your skills at various times of the year. Whether you can join us for one week or twelve, or something in between, we offer a chance to learn a wide range of skills from some of the top craftspeople in North America.    
    Our facilities are designed specifically to provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning the craft of fine furniture making. The bench room is equipped with top quality hand tools, traditional cabinetmaker’s benches and an abundance of natural light. Professional grade machinery connected to an automated dust collection system in the machine room makes for a clean and safe work space, and a low student/machine ratio means students spend less time waiting, and more time engaged in improving their furniture making abilities. Our class sizes also ensure each student receives one on one time with instructors dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.  



   We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about us here on our website, and would love to see you at the studio, whether to attend one of our classes, or just to drop by and see for yourself what we have to offer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free telephone number, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about Rosewood Studio. 

                         We look forward to helping you create something extraordinary.
                                                                                                   Ron Barter, Rosewood Studio

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